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Orixe Sotelo Nebola Blanco Monterey County 2021

Orixe Sotelo Nebola Blanco Monterey County 2021
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All Iberian varieties, but grown in California; all traditional Spanish styles, but made in California.

Orixe Sotelo's Nebola is intended to be a Txakoli-style spritzy-seasalt-fresh white that we haven’t seen attempted by any other producer in the US. And that, frankly, is a style we ADORE. Paging San Sebastián!

Their brand is intentionally designed around and intended to attract a Latino/Hispanic Spanish-speaking consumer. It’s a perspective not often employed, even here in the heart of California wine country (where wine literally cannot exist without the help of our Latinx community, especially those who toil on the vineyard crews and who sadly rarely get the credit, thanks, pay/benefits/support they deserve for their invaluable contributions!). Wine remains a beverage all-too-often marketed to that same old, outdated demographic, persisting as exclusionary thanks to poor marketing and implicit bias that inherently excludes non-white consumers. Orixe Sotelo’s vinos singulares de Alta California, as they’ve tagged them, speak to Jackie and Gustavo’s family heritage, mark a wonderfully thoughtful departure from that worn-out approach, and are in-tune with the real zeitgeist of California wine right now.

Fruit notes: yellow grapefruit, lime zest, white peach candy
Non-fruit notes: jasmine, pink salt, lemon blossom
Structure: dry, medium minus body, elevated acidity, moderate alcohol
Pairing suggestions: grilled garlic-lime shrimp tacos; pintxos Gilda; tracing your family history