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2023 Holiday MIXED CASE!!

2023 Holiday MIXED CASE!!
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THE mixed case of wine you need to get you through the holiday season's ups, downs, "Whoas!" and "Oh-nos..." AT $50 OFF!

All the wine you need to get you through THE HOLIDAY SEASON, 2023:

First, an acknowledgement of WHAT A YEAR you just punched your way through. We are so proud of you! And while the holidays often become an amped-up crazy time, we also hope this case of wine helps you unwind and toast to all you’ve accomplished and all the real R&R you deserve right now. If the below occasions are not on your Nov/Dec calendar, feel free to scrap this guide and just enjoy the wines any old time you like. We chose each one for its value, versatility, deliciousness, and ability to bring you good cheer. And then we discounted the whole thing 15% and packed it all up for you. BOOM. Cheers to you!


To welcome guests into your home…

Bubbles that announce it’s time to party. With style. 

Chavost Blanc d’Assemblage Brut Nature Champagne NV: TRUE Champagne to show your guests that you have mad class. This forward-thinking grower producer’s pure and vibrant wines are going viral—and going down easy.


To quench your thirst in between bites of salty, fatty, gravy-covered-everything…

An aged, impressive, off-dry phenom. 

Anheuser Niederhauser Riesling Kabinett Nahe 1998: Super honeyed, exotic and deeply mineral all in one perfect package. Just a little off-dry but with big swooshes of acidity, so it wipes your palate clean between each rich bite. 


To prevent palate-fatigue as you go back for seconds, then thirds…

Cranberry sauce in a glass—with alcohol.

Wavy Super Californian CA 2022: A funky-fresh, tart, juicy red-fruited blend from a local, minimal-intervention rising star. Don’t even worry if you (intentionally?) forgot the cranberry sauce. This’ll do the same trick… better. 


For branching out…

Gentle-introduction orange wine to show off your broad mind.

Ovum Big Salt Orange Rosé Oregon 2022: If you tell Mom she’s drinking a rosé, she’ll probably believe you. This horizon-expanding, rosé-like skin-contact white is yummy, aromatic and ideal with stew and cozy company.


For staying in…

Your safe word: Pinot Noir.

Evesham Wood Pinot Noir Willamette Valley 2022: Like a hope-filled favorite holiday film, this softly spicy, perfectly fruity Pinot is guaranteed to restore your soul during this frenetic time of year. 


A gift for the hostess with the mostest…

Classy—yet contemporary--sparkly! Just like your host.

Simonsig Cap Classique Rosé Stellenbosch 2019: Ultra-cool, South African sparkling rosé made the same way as Champagne proper but with local variety Pinotage supporting Pinots Noir and Meunier. Such grace! Such shine! 


For your boss, like a boss (or for your client, cause you’re the boss)…

Pedigreed and prestigious northern Italian baller bottle. 

Cantina del Pino Barbaresco 2018: This classed up, built-to-impress Nebbiolo from the A-list appellation of Barbaresco in Piedmont, Italy, is deeply aromatic, powerful and muscled but finishes with extraordinary finesse.


The couch, your iPad, and a list of who’s naughty and nice…

A gutsy winter rosé, thoughtful and unexpected.

Stirm Neptunite Rosé San Benito County 2022: A happy, round and ripe rosé to usher in winter? It’s everything you love and didn’t even know you wanted… like that cute engraved Etsy situation you’re gonna “gift” yourself...


To cope with bad company…

XL and affordable crispy white—just keep filling.

Abbondanza Pecorino Colline Pescarese LITER 2022: Yup, it’s an all-caps LITER of a minerally-fresh white that screams of the idyllic southern Italian coastline. When the company gets tough, the tough offer refills. 


Brisket/chili/leg of lamb/pot of Bolognese/big ol’ red meat meal…

Big ol’ red wine.

Thalvin Syrocco Syrah Zenata 2020: Syrah—but make it Moroccan! Hell yes to this bold red from an icon French winemaker via northern Africa. It’s full and spicy and swoon-worthy, all black olive, peppercorn and lavender. 


Winter Solstice (slash: I have three days left to wrap all these bloody presents)…

Dark and spicy red to suit the mooood (fresh enough to keep you awake).

Produttori di Manduria Electric Bee Primitivo Salento 2021: Primitivo is the Italian name for Zinfandel, and this organic Puglian co-op takes all the fruity-rainbow glory of that grape but punches it up with buzzy acidity and palpable vivacity by picking earlier and minimizing their interventions in the cellar.


Something for Santa Baby (or spooning with your sweetheart)…

A pretty, perfumed, warming red.

Pra Morandina Valpolicella 2021: Understated and elegant on the outside; explosive sexy aromatics and a silky yet adamant grip on the inside—just like your lover! This Venetian red only gets more interesting as it opens up.